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Rei Blog Post 6

We are back after a long break, while Matthew was able to work on the project over break, much of my time was taken by my job. I then developed the flu, so the time I was able to work was much less then my partner's. Anyway, now that we are done with excuses, lets talk about what I have been working on.

Now that I have recovered a bit more and am capable of working again, I have begun work on a replay parser. We have spoken about replays in the past however, I would like to take the time here to really go in depth about how replays store information.

Rivals of Aether makes out job parsing replays much easier by storing replays in plain text format. With some help from the RoA community we have been able to break down what a lot of the symbols mean. I am going to go in a little more depth about what data we can extract from the file and why we care about it.

Line One

The first line of the file contains basic meta-data about the replay itself. The line is formatted as follows.


Matthew - Capstone Blog Post 6

First, let's briefly cover what happened over the break. I spent most of my time working at my job, but managed to read most of Michael Nielsen's textbook, Neural Networks and Deep Learning. I also read much of the documentation for both Keras and SerpentAI and studied some of the latter's source code. Overall, I feel as though I have a much better understanding of A) neural networks, and B) our frameworks. Additionally, I have started participating on the Discord servers for SerpentAI and Rivals of Aether. Both communities have proven to be of great help in their respective domains of expertise.

Next, I must report some unfortunate news. Some 222 replay files out of our set are unusable because they are from early versions of the game that do not support replay playback. Still, this leaves us with 798 perfectly fine replays; I believe we have more than enough.

Since the beginning of the semester, I have taken steps towards organizing and structuring our project. I wrote …